This exercise works well when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, in a state of high anxiety, or have difficulty sleeping due to an overactive mind.

It’s simple, easy and highly effective!

Lightly place your fingertips on your forehead. Leave them there until you start to feel a little pulse, or when you start feeling a little better (3-5 minutes). These points are called the Main Neurovascular Reflex Points referenced from Eden Energy Medicine.

For someone who is extremely stressed or for a child that is fearful, you can hold these points for them by placing your whole hand on their forehead and the other hand on the center of the back of the head. (You can do this for yourself as well.)

When we are stressed, scared or frightened, our autonomic system takes over and the blood flows to the back of our brain to allow us to take action; i.e. the “fight or flight” response so we can stand up for ourselves or run for protection. However, in this modern world we are not fighting the saber tooth tigers that we need to run away from, we are overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted and need our brain to function. This easy exercise will bring the blood back to your forebrain, the advanced “thinking” part of the brain which helps us think more rationally and feel much better.