In 2010, my father had a very difficult and invasive abdominal surgery.  It wasn’t so much a recovery as an aftermath – he was in great pain and any rest was fitful, restless.  Fortunately, Coleen Naylor, the holistic nurse at the hospital, was a family friend and brought her unique healing services to bear.  When he needed it the most, her energy work soothed my restless father and soothed us by extension.  After every session – which he grew to look forward to more and more – he slept deeper and richer, which promoted faster healing.  And most importantly, it got his internal systems moving again, which was a crucial part of his recovery.  My father had never been one to embrace practices like energy work, that is, until Coleen.  My family and I can’t say enough good things about Coleen and her work and we wholeheartedly endorse Healing to the Power of YOU.