In one on one sessions you can explore and learn how to discover and bring out the best in who you are and what you have to offer.

Each session is uniquely focused on what you need to accomplish. On any challenges you are facing and want to solve. On beliefs, ideas or conditions that are holding you back, and that you can change to live a happier and more balanced life.

In the first session, we will spend 90 minutes together, in person, on the phone or via zoom. We will discuss what brought you here and what you want to get out of the work we do together.

Many people find they feel better in just one session –the work is that powerful. I also offer a package of sessions, that you can use over a three-month period.

Either way, you can expect to feel like a new person, ready to face the world, with all the strength and confidence you need.

How Do I Know if I Need a Session? If:

  • you are struggling with fear, stress, anxiety, depression, the feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed
  • you are currently dealing with a disease
  • you would like to improve your performance at home, work or sports
  • your children or spouse are having difficulty with life’s challenges
  • the same unwanted patterns continue to show up in your life; in jobs, relationships, attracting negative events, etc.
  • you have issues with money
  • you would like life to be easier in general

What is a session like?

You may be curious about what to expect and what outcomes you will achieve. Your first appointment, whether in person, via phone or Zoom will last 90 minutes. We will identify your main concern and follow through with the best way to achieve your goals. Drawing from 28 years experience as a holistic nurse and energy practitioner, I have developed a unique process of understanding how to get to the root of your concerns. We will then work together to achieve your desires, allowing you to feel a deep sense of peace.

The process is easy and gentle, yet incredibly effective and even fun!

You will leave with a new understanding of yourself and the power and gifts you possess.

A Few of the Practices I Utilize in a Session:

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Definitions from Two Points of View:

Right Brain Definition: “Energy is your body’s magic! It is your life force. You keep it healthy and it keeps you healthy. If you are sick or sad, shifting your energies feels good. When you care for these invisible energies, it makes your heart sing and your cells happy!” -Donna Eden

Left Brain Definition: “Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the health of organs, cells, and psyche.” David Feinstein, Ph.D

I want to make it clear that although I use the term Energy Medicine in my practice, it does not imply that I am practicing medicine. Energy Medicine is a term used by many training programs that teach people how to assess and correct for energy imbalances in the body. My gift is in tracking energy and their patterns in the body that guide me to use specific energy balancing techniques to help improve the body’s overall health and vitality.


Psych-K is rather magical. The Psych-K process has the ability to help transform old beliefs that have been negatively navigating your life and holding you back far too long. This process has many possibilities of enriching your life. If you are experiencing pain, an ailment, disease or allergy we can use Psych-K to find out if any of the above has a message for you. As the message is revealed and balanced, the messenger typically goes away. This is also a great modality to work with if you are having financial or relationship issues.

Stuck Emotions, Phobias and Anxieties

If you have been suffering with anxieties, fears, stuck emotions (anger, fear, grief) or phobias that have been fatiguing you and limiting your life, you will be amazed in how fast you will get results with these techniques. With little effort you will witness shifts in yourself that you did not think were possible.

All of the modalities I use are friendly, easy and effective. These techniques allow you to peel away the layers of old patterns to get to your true identity. That of a beautiful, light-filled Being. You will leave the session feeling like a new person, ready to face the world and to engage in life wholeheartedly.

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    7:00 pm 8:00 pm
  • March09Tuesday
    1:30 pm 2:30 pm
  • March09Tuesday
    3:00 pm 4:00 pm
  • March12Friday
    10:00 am 11:00 am
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