If you are visiting this page, you, a friend or a loved one may have gotten the diagnosis of breast cancer.  It can be a frightening and terrifying diagnosis so I’m glad you are here.  I have developed a program that will assist with the overwhelming fear of the unknown that you may be feeling at this moment. 


Having a Breast Removed is so Much More Than Just Surgery.

Having a breast removed is not like having a gallbladder removed or a knee replaced.  A breast encompasses may of the essential roles played in a women’s life.

  • Physical Appearance
  • Self-Image
  • Role as Mother
  • Intimate, love relationships

The emotional and mental aspect of this surgery can take a toll on a women’s health that can complicate the body’s innate ability to heal.

It’s not that any of these roles rank higher than the choice needed to possibly save life, but they are real and should not be pushed down or aside.


The Prepare for Breast Surgery Program Can Help You Start the Healing Process Even Before Surgery

The Prepare for Breast Surgery Program shows you how you can:

  • Turn your worries and fears into focused intentions for healing
  • Feel more peaceful before and after surgery
  • Arrive to surgery relaxed and confident
  • Have less pain after surgery
  • Accelerate your healing to get back to your normal activities quickly

Not only will the PFBSP get you through surgery calmly and smoothly, it will also provide you with concepts, skills, and techniques that allow you to concentrate on healing rather than losing energy worrying.

This program helps you focus on your mental and emotional well-being that not only helps you go through surgery more easily, but it provides you with tools and techniques that help you change your relationship with cancer and your future. 

The program allows you to transform your fears and worries that wake you up at night and that keep you anxious during the day.  You get to be yourself with all your feelings, acknowledging where you are with grace and compassion and moving forward with confidence.  You have a deeper understanding of how you can work with your body and mind to achieve the ultimate results you desire.


Fears and Worries Are Transformed into Energy that Allow You to Heal.

You get to create your healing story, one of compassion, acknowledging your feelings no matter what they are.  They are real.  And as they are seen and heard, they transform into energy that allow you to heal at the deepest level.