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Empowering You With Knowledge and Tools To Maintain and Sustain Your Health!

Today I practice what is often referred to as “Energy Medicine,” and what I would describe as a focus on creating awareness, on broadening knowledge, on helping people to see and experience all of the aspects of themselves. Those that bring pain and sickness (and let us know something is wrong and needs to change) and those that help us heal and transform, that enable us to tap into our own power and live our best lives.

In my sessions, I help people feel better, and to get better, to overcome the challenges or dis – ease they are facing, whether emotional, physical or mental. I use familiar techniques associated with Eden Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Psych-K and intuitive medicine.

More than that, I empower people with knowledge and skills so they can access their own creativity and strength. I help them develop their own ability to be well. To be more fully themselves, to be more integrated, to experience more joy more relaxation and more connection.

I would be honored to talk to you about what you need and how I can help.

A little background of my 28 year holistic nursing journey.

As a cardiac step-down nurse, my duties involved helping patients pre and post heart catherization’s and open-heart surgery. My passion for creating the most healing environment for my patients guided me towards Holistic Nursing; treating a person as a whole being, mind, body, and spirit. My specialty was in Energy Medicine. This approach allowed me to use my traditional nursing skills as well as integrate my “whole patient” approach. This was done by assessing my patients energy, then balancing it. These energy techniques created immediate reduction in pain, cleared lungs and healed wounds at a much faster rate. It gave me great satisfaction to witness the difference a holistic approach made in my patient’s hospital stay and recovery. I loved going to work.

Word circulated about how well my patient’s were doing. This initiated funding for a pilot study to determine if Holistic Nursing practices made a positive difference for patients undergoing open-heart surgery. The outcomes were dramatic ensuing a new position for me as the holistic nurse for the hospital.

This position allowed me to integrate the mind, body, spirit connection into programs for our patients and staff. One of the most powerful programs to emerge was a Prepare for Surgery Workshop, teaching patients and their family how to prepare their mind and body for an outstanding surgical experience. The results showed patients arriving for surgery more relaxed, needing less time in the operating room, experiencing reduced pain after surgery and enjoying an accelerated recovery. After surgery I would visit my patients offering an energy session. It warmed my heart to witness how well they were doing. There was a stark difference in the patients that attended the workshop and those that did not.  Being the holistic nurse for the hospital showed me first hand what powerful healing can take place when we we work with our whole being; mind, body and soul.

Looking forward to talking with you! 

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