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Empowering You With Knowledge and Tools To Maintain and Sustain Your Health!

Helping people feel better is my passion. First expressed during my “second career” in Nursing, there was nothing more satisfying than helping an anxious, fearful patient melt into relaxation as I rubbed their back in preparation for sleep. Often prompting stories, this self-expression imbued a sense of contentment as they felt they were being heard and cared for.  In turn, they opened my curiosity to explore other avenues in which to support quick, positive changes that would enhance their hospital stay.

Thus began a long line of inquiry into the holistic approach to health.  Classes proclaiming lowered blood pressure, heart rates and decreased pain called to me. Working in a cardiac step-down unit, those claims were vitally important to my patients, and, therefore, me.

It became quickly apparent that these modalities were a gift for my cardiac patients.  Blood pressures and heart rates normalized, lungs cleared, pain subsided and sleeping pills became unnecessary.

Word of mouth provided the opportunity for a grant for a pilot study, which I titled “A Holistic Approach to Open Heart Surgery”.  The results of this study presented decreased hospital stays by 2.4 Days, less complications, a marked interest in self care and a faster return to normal activities.  All positive, important outcomes.

The study resulted in the creation of a Holistic Nursing position for the hospital. A relatively new field, I found myself learning as I went. The program evolved beautifully and specialized in attaining optimal health for patients and staff.

All new programs were presented and tested on staff first, resulting in utilizing the very popular “Energy Medicine” and “Prepare for Surgery” programs.

Patients overwhelmed or experiencing anxiety, depression and pain were referred to me by nurses and doctors.  The modalities of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Medical Qigong, Foot Reflexology and Eden Energy Medicine were available for our patients; the results were outstanding.

Particularly successful, the original national “Prepare for Surgery” program I used soon morphed into my own program specifically tailored for our patient population.  Immensely successful, patients arrived for surgery in a peaceful state of mind, had smoother surgeries (as reported by residents in the OR suite) and experienced less pain and had accelerated recoveries.

After 23 years in a hospital setting, including the last 9 years as a “holistic nurse” taught me much about the role emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt, heartache and shame played in the manifestation and exacerbation of illness. It is from that mindset that I set my intentions and focus to start a private practice, one that would help people before they were diagnosed with a serious disease or the need for surgery.  It is my belief that prevention is easier, more cost effective and kinder to our bodies and souls.  That was the impetus to create my business, “Healing to the Power of YOU”.

My hunger to ease suffering continues.  From my first class “The Art of Foot Reflexology” as a graduate nurse 25 years ago, I remain intrigued and committed to learning and helping all experience the magical abilities our bodies possess.

My passion is in empowering people with knowledge and tools to maintain and sustain their health, allowing them to become the best version of themselves in the easiest, gentlest and most effective way.

It would be my great pleasure to be of service to you.

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